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Have you overused food as a training tool and now cannot get away from it?

Overusing food as a base for training can cause many problems. Learn how to get the best results without using just food as a reward.

Wet Nose offers group instruction at three levels (Puppy, Beginners, and Intermediate) with an emphasis on making training a fun and positive experience for both you and your dog. Family participation is encouraged to promote more consistency with training. Please see our Classes page for more detail about classes available in your area. New classes are starting soon!

Dave Wieczorek, the founder of Wet Nose, has over years of experience in dog obedience and behavior training. His open mind, patience and extensive background in training, modification and reconditioning enable him to provide effective solutions. He consults with veterinarians when necessary, has participated in obedience competitions, and attends numerous seminars – all to strengthen the bonds between dogs and their owners, ensuring that relationships are rewarding for both. Dave is a member in good standing of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is on the Training and Behavior Board of Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus. Dave has been working with dogs since 1978; his years of experience have included class and private instruction and providing consultation on behavior problems.

He has worked with other professional trainers, veterinarians, participated in classes and shows, and has continued his education by attending lectures and working seminars on dog training and behavior. This has built and improved the methods that he uses in understanding and working with dogs.

Training Philosophy:

Having an open mind, patience, and making training a fun and positive experience for you and your best friend.

Training Methods:

A proactive humane approach to promote proper behavior without using corrections or punishment. Your dog will develop confidence and a good working relationship with you.

Type of Training Provided:

Class and private: behavior modifying, puppy, beginners, and intermediate training.

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